Registration is possible for citizens of any country who have reached the age of majority.

To log in to the corporate website, go to the “Registration” section and follow the instructions there.

You can only register one account under your name. Multiple accounts on one person are not allowed. We reserve the right to block your account in such a case.

Financial matters

We work with bitcoin payment system:

Our company accepts investments in euros (€).

Withdrawals can be requested on an ongoing basis.
Withdrawals are made on Friday of each week.
Mining production (earnings) in (ETH) Ethereum
Commissions (referal) in (BTC) Bitcoin.
The commissions can also be used at any time for re-investing packages – or transferred to other users.

No! In order to receive the 8% commission on the first level, you do not have to make an investment yourself. A further 7 career levels can be activated through personal or team sales.
More information under the menu item “Career”.


The verification process is the key to establishing a serious business. With your verifications we can prove that they are “real” investors.

Follow the instructions you receive by clicking on the “Forgot your password?


Please upload your ID or passport. The following must be visible on the documents: name, first name, date of birth, place of birth and photograph. On some documents, the place of birth is on the back of the document, in these cases please upload both sides of the document.

Address verification:

We need an invoice in your name which is not older than 3 months. Addresses on identity card or passport cannot be accepted.


Answer Mining question in brief

Answer Mining question in brief

Answer Mining question in brief